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Ash Kzmz

I am an independent neon designer who based in Brighton, United Kingdom.

I’m looking forward to providing my quirky and distinct neon art pieces to you. I provide creative and commercial works for my clients. The designs you’ll find through my business are more intriguing than anything you might find elsewhere on the market.

I operate Neon Art by Ash, an independent neon design group that works here in the UK. I work as an independent designer who produces neon art pieces for all purposes.

My family has been producing quality neon art pieces for more than 45 years. I focus on creating exciting designs that reflect the unique attitudes of my clients.

Neon light is more than a bright display option. It’s also a work of art, as neon can convey many meanings and bring various ideas to life.

I feel that neon artwork pieces can be entertaining and inviting to everyone. The brightness of the colours makes for something different from what you might expect elsewhere.

My work entails an assortment of beautiful colours and shapes that produce unique layouts. I can work with text-based neon art pieces, or I can establish unique visual arrangements. I provide a flexible approach to my projects that provides extra freedom in my work.

My work is available to everyone in the UK. You can trust my work if you’re looking for a distinct piece of art you can and hang on your wall and plug in a socket. You could also contact me if you operate a business and you need a unique piece that adds a bright style to your space.

Our work at Neon Art by Ash will do wonders for any display needs you hold. Contact me to see what I can do for your neon decoration needs. You’ll find that I provide some of the most intriguing displays you will ever find.

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