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Hiring Us For Neon Art Pieces For Your Next Event!

Are you in the Brighton city area or the East Sussex region and are looking for intriguing neon art pieces for display? You might be holding an event at your property, and you need something that stands out from all the other things in your property.

Our team at Neon Art by Ash will support your plans to produce an exciting neon art piece. We can build a custom-made neon art piece that promotes your event and anything else you wish to highlight in your space.


We Produce Neon Art in Many Forms


You can ask us at Neon Art by Ash to produce one of many neon art pieces that will fit your event. We can create an assortment of items, including:

  • Open-air advertisements

  • Architectural lighting accents

  • Text-based layouts

  • Graphic design images


You can combine many of these if you wish. You’ve got many choices to consider if you want something interesting.

You could also inform us about any unique architectural features of your property before we start planning your neon art. Sometimes your art will work best when it features a specific colour or a shape that fits in with other materials. Our professionals will identify the best solutions for work that produce a better all-around appearance that fits in well for whatever you desire.

Neon Light Sign5.JPG

Great Technical Qualities

Our neon art pieces are made with cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFL setups. CCFL uses fluorescence and electron discharge to produce a dynamic neon effect. It works well for backlighting, as it uses smaller lamps that last longer than traditional fluorescent models.

We also use high-quality European glass tubes throughout our neon art pieces. These will range from 6 mm to 30 mm each in diameter.

We will also support all the assorted colours you wish to utilise in your art piece. We can work with up to a hundred colours for all your decorative needs.

Each piece we produce is designed to look attractive and thorough. We can install the work at your property, or you can set it up yourself if you prefer. We will ship your wall art in a secure package with enough protective cushioning to prevent the glass from breaking apart. You can then set up the piece on your wall and plug it into your nearest electrical socket. You’ll get your wall art ready and looking its best in moments.


Get More From Your Art!

Our team at Neon Art by Ash will listen to whatever needs you have for your neon art and produce a thorough arrangement that stands out. We’ll provide an appealing design that works for whatever you wish to promote. The detailed design we can create and the high-quality materials we use will ensure whatever you request will last for a while and provide a better all-around appearance.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we provide. You’ll see we have many solutions for neon art that will fit your event.




Hire neon art piece to highlight and promote your event!

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