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An Artificial Green Wall Panel Works Well with Neon Art

A neon art piece like what we can produce at Neon Art by Ash can look outstanding, but it will appear even more remarkable when you have a suitable background. You can apply an artificial green wall panel alongside your neon art piece to create a more dynamic layout in your space.

An artificial green wall features more than a vibrant green colour. It also comes with fake leaves, grass bits, or other natural-looking items. The design does well for all outdoor displays, plus it can cover the electric cord and other supporting features needed for your neon art piece.


How the Wall Panel Works

An artificial green wall panel is a material you will spread or wrap around or on a wall or other outside surface. The design features a few parts:

  1. A mat appears at the deepest part to create an anchor. The body will affix itself to the wall or other outdoor surface you will use it around. It often features a polyurethane backing that is easy to trim and customise.

  2. A few layers of artificial grass clippings, leaves, or other items will appear at the top. These will stick to the mat at the bottom. These items should be UV-resistant and weather-resistant items that keep the setup free-standing.

  3. You may find some zip ties on the ends of the wall panel. The ties help you secure the wall panel to whatever space it will go on or around.


The wall panel produces a natural look to any wall, fence, or another item outside your property. You could even affix it to the side of your house if you prefer.

How Big Should It Be?

Your artificial green wall panel can be as large as you want it to be.

You could request that your panel gets shaped to fit around

different curves, cuts, or other features around a surface.

The polyurethane-based mat allows for a clean cut.

The panel could be several feet wide. It can also be six feet high

or greater, but that total depends on the height of your fence or

other space for hanging.


Why Does It Fit Well With Wall Art?

An artificial green wall panel blends well with neon art for how it

creates a distinct background. The green tone can mix with

whatever colors you wish to use for your neon art sign.

The light reflects well on the leaves and other features.

You can also use the panel to conceal the electric wire that

supports your neon art piece. It can also hide any backings or

anchors used to hang your wall art.

You can request the wall panel when you ask for your neon art if you wish. Review the place where you want to install the art and be sure the wall panel is built to look more attractive. You will enjoy how this feature creates a beautiful accent for display purposes.

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