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Qualıty Tubes for Use

We use the best glass tubes for our neon art pieces. Our tubes range from 6 mm to 30 mm in diameter. You can use slimmer ones if you’re trying to produce a more elaborate or detailed work of art.

We can also support various colours for your neon art pieces. We offer a hundred different colours for each of your pieces.

Each tube and color design are prepared and curved to create a better layout. We produce quality materials that ensure your work is ready for display anywhere in your home or office.

We only use high-grade glass tubes for our projects. While we could use less expensive models from China, those are more likely to break apart or become dull after a while. We focus on high-end materials that will stay strong and will continue to bright a bright color for years to come. It’s our obligation to ensure the neon art pieces you purchase look their best for a while.

Can You Install It Yourself?

You can also install your neon art yourself if you prefer. We will deliver the finished art piece in a few appropriately wrapped packages. The setup will be easy to secure and hook up, plus you can plug the work into any wall outlet in your area.


Commercıal FOr your events

Are you in the Brighton city area or the East Sussex region and are looking for intriguing neon art pieces for display? You might be holding an event at your property, and you need something that stands out from all the other things in your property.

Don’t Forget a Green Panel

You can also ask us to produce an artificial green wall panel to go alongside your neon art piece. The green wall panel goes well on a fence or other outside surface and produces some fake leaves, grass clippings, or other items. These parts add a good accent to your art.

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