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by ASH

All About Neon

Arts, Lights, Signs...

An independent neon designer based in Brighton

Products and Services

Neon light pieces are among the most inviting works you can add in your home or business. A neon art piece can incorporate many colours and shapes. You can include text features, or you can produce appealing images in your work.

We, at Neon Art by Ash can produce an intriguing neon art piece that fits your property and provides a look unlike anything else you could find. Our designs offer some of the most appealing looks you could ever experience.

We operate in Brighton, East Sussex and provide neon design and production services throughout these parts and other areas around the UK. Our neon art pieces will illuminate any place in the UK that needs an outstanding overall design.



What Are Our Designs Like

We produce outstanding designs at Neon Art by Ash. We can create text-based neon signs featuring unique font styles and curves. We’ll also include multiple colours on select layouts. Our designs provide intriguing walls of text or other features that will make a statement.

You can also ask us to produce a unique visual shape for your neon art. Whether it entails a flower or a human figure, we can create shapes of anything you wish to display. We provide some of the flashiest and most enticing layouts around.

We focus on a quirky approach to the neon art pieces we produce. We will create exciting art designs that will immediately draw someone’s attention. You will love the thorough work we provide when getting your layout ready, not to mention the outstanding inspiration we put into each piece we create.

We even produce an artificial green wall panel that features a false leaf design you can arrange on a wall. You can include this artificial green layout alongside any wall art pieces to create a more appealing look for outdoor displays.

Our elaborate designs can come in multiple colours all around. Let us know what you wish to produce for your neon art, and we’ll provide an intriguing arrangement unlike anything else you could find.

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